The history of Llangeitho

Llangeitho tua 1890

Llangeitho, c.1890

There’s more to Llangeitho, of course, than thousands coming here on a Sunday to listen to a famous preacher. Llangeitho has a vibrant school, shop and café, a hall which hosts a wide range of activities, the Three Horseshoe Inn, where once a certain famous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, slaked his thirst, and an annual village agricultural show (held on the last Wednesday in August) which is well regarded in the area to this day. Indeed, the fame of Llangeitho Show extends far back into history. In 1933, a Llangeitho man who had made his fortune in London, Evan Evans, placed the following advertisement in the London Welsh newspaper, Y Ddolen:

An aeroplane will leave London at 8a.m., Aug. 30, for the Llangeitho Show. Lunch will be provided. Fare £5.

It seems that visitors have travelled by foot, on horseback, by boat and aeroplane to Llangeitho…